Terms & Definitions

FINA - The Financial Agency (FINA) is the leading Croatian company for financial mediation. National coverage, an IT system tested on the most demanding jobs of national importance, and a high level of expert team professionalism make it possible to prepare and implement various projects, from simple financial transactions to the most sophisticated jobs in e-business. The only Certificate Policy authorized company in Croatia.

Apis IT- The agency for IT system support and information technologies, APIS-IT ltd. is a company which works closely with the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb. They have a long tradition and have developed very complex IT support systems for the City of Zagreb, and the Tax and Customs Administrations of the Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Croatia.

HGK -The Croatian Chamber of Economy is an independent professional and business organisation of all legal entities engaging in business. It was established in 1852, organised in European tradition and on the so-called continental model of Austrian and German chambers with compulsory membership

XML - Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. It is defined in the XML 1.0 Specification produced by the W3C, and several other related specifications.

POS - Point of sale, Cash register (US English) or till (British English)

ZK - Protection code generation Protection code represents a unique ID of an invoice in the whole Croatia, regardless of JIR, it should also protect the company from fraud by a 3rd party.

JIR - Unique Receipt ID

X.509 v3. - public/private key encryption

OIB - The Personal Identification Number (OIB, Osobni identifikacijski broj) is a permanent ID number assigned to every Croatian citizen and every legal person registered in the Republic of Croatia. It is generated and assigned by the Ministry of Finance - Tax Administration.
The OIB will gradually replace all other numbers which have until now been used as ID numbers for legal and natural persons in the Republic of Croatia (MB and MBG, respectively).
The OIB is a randomly-generated 11-digit number, which contains no private information.
The OIB is generated and then assigned to the natural and legal persons at no expense to them.